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't have to do it all at once, which is, quite frankly, what we're having to do in atlanta now. griffin: we have thousands of assets that we have to keep track of. we have to always know their condition and continuously plan for their refurbishment at the right time. one of the things we're required to do under the consent decree is inspect our system. we're trying to find where there's leaks. so we blow smoke into the sewer pipe. man: we're locating places where water from the surface to the ground is running into the sewer pipe and overloading the system. hunter: we have 1,600 miles of sewer. we are evaluating every linear foot of that system. is the pipe leaking; are you having a lot of infiltration or inflow? thornell: every time it rains, water will come down, go into the pipe, enter the sewer system. it's very easy to repair this defect and get all that water out of the system. griffin: with our closed-circuit tv inspection, we record cracks, holes, pipes that are partially collapsed. hunter: we literally will have a digital video of every foot of our sewer that in the future, we can
you, sirens blaring. we heard from our grew griffin, too, there in watertown, too, ambulances pulled up. but not apparently in any emergency status, as he could see. almost on standby, as it appeared. we don't want to go down the road of speculation. that's a very dangerous path. but we want to try to pull together what we know at this point. just describe again the scene around you. >> reporter: well, we're on the scene -- this is adjust a trash truck. don't be alarmed. we're on the scene near where the actual terrorist attack took place, the bombings, in the back bay area of boston. this is normally a very busy commercial area during the day. obviously, not so much at night. we're just a couple blocks away from where the terrorist attacks took place. it's a crime season, cordoned off from the public, from the media. not necessarily the -- the activity here is not necessarily related to the other police activity going on in other parts of boston and the surrounding area. except -- the surrounding area except for the fact that a lot of police are stationed here and headquarters here
institute of technology. drew griffin joins us on the phone from boston with more information. what are you able to tell us? what's happening now? >> reporter: earlier this evening in m.i.t., the university which is literally across the charles river, a police officer was shot, taken to the hospital and later died. this has become a much, much bigger story. the scope of which we're not quite clear of. there has been a huge sign of police force at the police officer shooting at the m.i.t. campus and now a huge incident at watertown just past harvard university on the way outside of boston, a suburb, but there are reports of ordinances on the street, a suspect who has been taken into custody, another one on the loose. and i can just tell you i'm walking up on the scene where there are dozens and dozens of police officers and ambulances circling this little town square area where there seems to be some sort of large event that has taken place involving suspects that may have been connected to the m.i.t. shooting. but we don't know if they're connected to anything else that has happened in bost
but it's very different than we just want to talk to you. >> yes. >> drew griffin, thank you very much. why they chose to put just this part of it out and only this part to the public around the world. i want to bring in now former counterterrorism expert jeff bead dee and don borelli. thank you for taking the time. jeff, you're here with me. you hear drew talking about this video, why they chose to put this and only this. what is your take on that? they have an incredible amount of video out there. they only wanted us to see this. >> i think they want to keep it simple. it's going to get the job done for them. >> we're hearing that they are getting a lot of calls. >> very you can saysful. even from this i had have ohio, you can infer some great things. you can see that there was no city plan in their hand. there was no gps in their hand. what does that tell us? they were very dleliberately ona route. they knew where they were going. clearly they had rehearsed that. a lot of inference could still be drawn by that. i think the fbi wants to keep it simple and he think it's proving good r
people. terrorists who came to kill americans. >>brian: came here to kill people. jennifer griffin standing by. it started before 11:00 last night when an m.i.t. campus police officer was shot and killed, this after responding to a report of a disturbance on campus. a short time later police responding to a carjacking at a convenience store that led to a chase into the streets of a watertown neighborhood. there were reports of explosives being detonated. >>eric: we want to acknowledge our affiliates who are with us also. we want to go to bill hemmer. you've been there all morning long reporting from the scene of the boston bombings. what's the latest? set the scene. >> we are at copley square, near the finish for the marathon on morning. ten miles west of here past fenway park and kendall square is where you'd come across the m.i.t. campus and watertown, massachusetts. moments ago classes were announced they're closed today at m.i.t. classes closed at harvard. bus service throughout boston has been service. the t-service, boston commuter line, has been suspended. this is a town tha
minutes at the hospital. >> we have drew griffin with us right now on the streets of watertown, massachusetts. again, this is the area right now which is a very active crime scene where people are being told not to leave their houses where it is believed that suspect number two, the man involved in the boston marathon bombings and the man involved in this car chase and manhunt, it is believe this is where he's on the loose. drew griffin? >> reporter: to that end, i just listened to a robocall police have been sending to all its residents warning just that, you wonder how people hear the warning in the middle of the night when sleeping, well, the police in this town in watertown have sent out a robocall to the people telling them not to leave their home, telling them about the police emergency and not to answer the door. there's an active search here for suspect number two as we understand it. and i might point out one other thing that we haven't really talked about, is where these two suspects put their bombs together. they are somewhere presumably in this area, not watertown,
, and a shredded backpack sent to the scene. drew griffin is over at the news conference awaiting the start. we're going to hear from the fbi agent in charge. set the scene for us. >> reporter: it just got very chaotic. the fbi agents brought in two easels. they have two black what look like photos they're going to turn over and show us at any moment now. we may be getting to see the actual evidence that they want us to see whether that's photos of actual people involved or more photos of devices. there's a lot of anticipation here, wolf. i'll tell you as they brought in the easels, the cameras that are jammed into this small conference room at the sheraton hotel just crowded to the front and now we are all waiting for an unveiling of whatever this is. we expect to have this news conference under way momentarily. the special agent in charge -- one other thing for all of our producers whatever they show here, wolf, will be available on the fbi website as soon as it is revealed. >> and of course will have that available as well. we're waiting for the fbi agent in charge. richard delaureau
are standing by in boston to help us pore over these images. jake tapper, deb feyerick, drew griffin, there with our security analysts here in "the situation room." they're giving us unique insight into this break-through in the case. it is a major break-through in what happens next. let's listen in to the fbi's announcement less than an hour or so ago. this is the fbi agent in charge, richard delaureis. >> good afternoon. i am the special agent in charge of the fbi's boston division. since monday's bombing, we've been working around the clock and committed to investigating the matter, this matter to bring those responsible to justice. our collective law enforcement team has pursued thousands of leads and tips. as i said two days ago, we're working methodically and with a sense of urgency to identify those responsible for the bombings. within the last day or so, through the careful process, we initially developed a single person of interest. not knowing that the individual was acting alone or in concert with others, we obviously worked with extreme purpose to make that determination.
, nails inside, ball bearings all those sorts of things. jennifer griffin pointing out by. >> this is facebook page of the younger suspect on the lose. dzhokhar tsnaraev. and the he is states a few things that are of interest. first of all he says he is muslim on his face book page. second of all it is easy to find out on the internet that he attended cambridge latin, that is a prestigious public school as he mentioned before, many, many well-known stars including ben affleck attended that high school. he was a wrestler. he received a lot of accolades from the city. in fact he received $2500 in scholarship we're told from, when he was graduating from high school. it appears if he may have been a student in boss ton. his brother, tamarlin, who is 26, and who was killed this evening, he was a student on and off from 2006 to 2006 and 2008 at various community colleges it appears from research we've done into his background. it is not clear, when did they get radicalized? certainly interesting their heritage is chechnyan, but that doesn't completely make sense in terms why one
manhunt in the boston area right now. we'll speak to anzor tsarnaev shortly here on cnn. drew griffin of cnn's special investigations unit is in watertown. he was there last night during the bloody events and is joining us from there. what is going on from your perspective, drew? >> reporter: i'm on the other side of where susan candiotti is and i can just report to you an incredible amount of police activity and an expanding perimeter as we drove in we were trying to get closer to this location where i'm at. it seemed like the perimeter kept expanding. the roads being blocked off. and as we were passing through you could look down the roads and, wolf, you could see what looked to be, if this was any other place, afghanistan, for instance, it looks like army officers on patrol. s.w.a.t. officers going door to door, street to street, walking down streets, checking areas, clearing areas. just ten minutes ago we saw a huge contingent of officers. those same kind of military dressed police officers exiting here on a city bus. so we presume their duty or their quadrant or their area has be
ago. tonight investigative correspondent drew griffin with "kidnapped to egypt: a father's nightmare." >> reporter: it is all michael shannon has left of his sons. a final picture. adam at 4, jason just 10 months. >> i can't stop picturing them as a 4 and a 1-year-old, or a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old. and i've had no photos, and i'm trying to imagine what they would look like at 16 and 12. and hoping that they don't hate me for not saving them. >> patty cake. patty cake. baker's man. >> reporter: this is a story you could tell a thousand times over. an international kidnapping to egypt. a country that takes in billions of dollars in aid from thited s recognize international law when it comes to returning the united states' stolen >> yay! >> reporter: according to court records, michaelshannon'on were illegally taken here 12 years ago by their mother. and despite winning every court case since, despite rulings that his american citizen sons must be returned to their father, the illegal separation has lasted more than a decade. >> nothing has worked. >> reporter: attorney stephen cull
of the explosive device. drew griffin is in boston live for us tonight. drew, what do you know? >> reporter: well, all day today we've been getting more and more pieces of the puzzle, if you will, erin, on the exact bomb devices. i'll let you know up front there are no suspects. they don't know if this was domestic or a foreign terroristic type of attack. they don't have any intelligence about who did this. but they seem to be piecing together pretty good now just how these explosive devices were put together, how they were placed, and are beginning to understand how they may have gone off. it appears to be two twin bombs placed in nylon bags. pressure cookers were used. john king's sources telling him that the devices were very similar. earlier in the day, we heard from the special agent in charge from the fbi who called one of the bombs possibly a pressure cooker. now we're seeing the release of these photos. and what those photos are, they come from a bulletin that is sent nationwide, erin, to bomb experts all across the country and to fbi agents and other officials all across the country for
. i'm going to go to drew griffin on the scene in watertown where these arrests have taken place. drew, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just got a note apparently from state police spokesman david pru cope i can't -- i don't want to go with that just yet. i can tell you we do believe from our eyewitness, david ramirez, that two young men have been taken into some sort of custody here in watertown. both of them taken into custody behind me which is a four or five-square block area that's cordoned off and there's a huge, huge police presence here. actually, we're going to have gabe step right in here. because he was -- gabe, urm positioned over behind us. >> dexter and nichols. >> tell us what you saw from the moment you stepped on the scene. >> so, i followed a couple of squad cars down nichols street towards dexter. it was immediately a chaotic situation. i jumped out. there were a couple of other journalists there. we ran towards the scene. the police had, multitudes of agencies, all had their weapons drawn. pointing into a vehicle from a vantage point. they were screaming for s
, is drew griffin there? is he in watertown, massachusetts right now? watert massachusetts, right now? >> reporter: yes, jake, i can hear you. i can hear you in watertown where the situation -- go ahead. >> please tell us, what are you seeing in watertown? >> reporter: jake, the situation is pretty much the same has it has been for the last hour or so. a significant presence down the street of police. we do have additional video of the suspect that was brought into custody here clothed, and we are hoping we can show that video. this is the suspect that was brought into custody here in watertown. we only know that it's related to whatever did happen here in watertown. we don't want to draw any conclusions to this man, but we do know the fbi was questioning this man. they took him out of the car twice and put him up against a wall, appeared to photograph him, and then placed him back into a car. as far as we know, that suspect is still being held in a police car not far from where i am standing. we understand that one other suspect is still on the loose apparently in watertown and that
for watching. >> i'm bill griffin. have a great evening. we'll see you tomorrow. daniel mansergh: (♪) (♪) daniel mansergh: imagemakers is made possible by a grant from: celebrating the vitality and power of the moving image. and by the: (♪ upbeat music ) (♪) (♪ music continues ) (♪) (♪) (birds chirping) (birds chirping) (door opens) (crunch)
for watching. >> i'm bill griffin. have a great evening. we'll see you tomorrow.
for watching. >> i'm bill griffin. have a great evening. we'll see you tomorrow. >> direct connection is made by mtc to serve all of our diverse communities and is made possible by the generous support of our members. thank you. >> live from maryland public television, this is direct connection with jeff salkin. >> but we do know that multiple people have been wounded, some gravely in explosions at the boston marathon. >> there are fatalities and scores of injuries in boston after explosions at the finish line of the boston marathon. ra
as they could determine that to be. >> drew griffin, thank you very much. certainly amazing, kind of brings back to me, i remember talking to former press secretary leon panetta who said his biggest fear was a lone wolf attack would be the hardest thing to track and that's what we are looking agent right now. national security analyst and homeland and former security advisor to president bush. what about this issue that we could be looking at a lone wolf, and as drew just said, we don't have a possible description of this person, no one has claimed responsibility. there's no motive. will we find this person? >> the lone wolf is the hardest in any investigation you rely on communication and interaction with others as one of your first leads. i think it's unfair to suggest that this is sort of unusual. they've just gotten through the crime scene exploitation, they have sent that information down to quantico, to the fbi bomb facility. they will get a lot of important leads and information from there. there are thousands of hours of videotape that they have to painstakingly go through. they're back
after launching two bombs at the finish line at the boston marathon. jennifer griffin we are trying to figure out if these men were from the united states or another country. >> we have confirmed from our producer mike levine that authorities are looking into consider these two suspects and possible others are foreign trained came from overseas and you remember during the press conference with the police commissioner not too long ago in watertown that he slipped out. he described this suspect that is still on the lose as a terrorist. he says they came from overseas to kill us. there is an indication these are people who came from outside of the country. i am told from sources in fact they are also looking into whether these vined you'll had foreign traini -- individuals hd foreign training and there is belief they had been trained overseas. that suspect number 2 the one in the white hat has been shown in the pictures released by the fbi is on the lose. don't come out of your houses they are pleading with residents to stay inside not open that are doors under any circumstances. we ha
't that lucky, of those who did what they could to help. drew griffin begins our special report now. >> i have multiple people down here, okay? i don't know what the cause is. stand by. >> whoa! something just blew up! >> we've had an attack. oh, my god. >> get back. get back. >> we need as many people as you can from the medical tent. >> the boston marathon turns from triumph to tragedy. the fbi zeros in on the terrorists behind the bombing. >> after a very detailed analysis, a photo video and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. >> hours later, a suspect spotted. then, a shootout that leaves one suspect dead and another on the run. >> there's a huge, huge police presence here. >> a city under lockdown and on the edge. >> we're asking people to shelter in place, to stay indoors with their doors locked. >> after a massive manhunt -- >> we've had hundreds of law enforcement officers who have sfleer rowed in on the man who they believe is the suspect. they have him cornered. >> -- the suspected bomber captured alive. it was a week of tragedy that began with celebration.
is some kind of an immigrant from apparently chechnya has international implications. jennifer griffin is our national security correspondent joining us live from washington. what is the latest there, jennifer? >> reporter: jon, right now it looks like all of the effort right now is to try and find suspect number two this 19-year-old who is on the run. there have been a few dead-end including a gray civic with massachusetts plates, or a crv, a gray crv they were looking for for some time, they found it. it's empty. its not clear if he is on foot right now. but they continue to sort of shift the perimeter quite a bit. it's very interesting to see some of the reaction from these two brothers' families. the "associated press" reached the father of the two terrorists, he's living overseas next to chechnya, a part of russia, part of dagastan. he says as always in these situations it seems that this is son was skwruf such a nice boy, he was a second year med student studying at the university of whats mass at their northwestern campus, in his second year of med school we are told. he was sup
-225-5324 or go to their website, drew griffin has been working the story all day. drew, what have you learned? >> whether they got the suspect, there was an audible gasp in the room. that told us many things, number one this is not just a lone wolf cook who wanted to get attention. there was a plan going on. and this crowd was in the news conference as well. they're bothering things. two people thought it was a good idea to make these bombs together to deliver the bombs together and then possibly have a get away plan. i think that's what a lot of the investigators really are looking at calmly they did it. they weren't suicide bombers. whatever cause they had, they weren't looking to die for that cause. so we'll have to figure out exactly what was going on. there are two suspects that are outstanding. >> right. >> that made you feel that there is just the two of them. >> you know what? i'm going to go ahead and step away from this. >> all right. >> we would like to ask you -- will you please leave our spot. we would appreciate it. >> you report the real news. >> no
into custody. piers? >> let me go to drew griffin. he's about a block away from you. drew, the mood there i would imagine is also one of great relief. >> total, total relief. the people who have been cooped up all day in their homes just wondering what to do are now driving around. they still can't drive freely. that's just because of the police traffic we're seeing back and forth. but there is a great sense of relief. people coming up to us and saying what a relief it is for them to finally have their lives back, because they really, i mean, by the police's own admission and warnings, they really felt under threat in this town. so it is a great relief but boy, it was a harrowing afternoon to have to go through to get here. that's for sure. >> drew, there was a further gun battle this evening shortly before he was finally apprehended. what did you hear and what do you think was going on there? >> well, i tell you, you say gun battle. i don't think it was a gun battle. i think what i heard literally just in the waning moments of the press conference which was announcing that basically they w
, drew griffin is right here, he just walked up to me with this, right out of the bomt, and you're saying -- this is the spanish company maker that made this. it's a company in spain, you see it's made in spain on the bottom. this from the serial numbers given out we believe it's the exact same pot. we're just pulling it out. it says gas electric. and i will move my finger over this way, this is the 6 l. these are identifying marks that we saw in the crime scene photos. >> can you see that? >> we did note yesterday that pieces of this pressure tooker was found on the roof, and it was apparently the lid on one of these. these are very common, 50,000 shipped to the u.s. we just looked up within this area code, nine different stores that sell these within a mile of us. >> saying to the folks on the air and the people here earlier, i had one of these in college. my mother cooked with these. from time to time, if you leave it on too long, it will explode. it's originally intended for food, but if you put nails in here -- >> crude device, but you back it in, and there is an ignition in here, an
broken by jennifer griffin, our pentagon reporter, that the explosives in boston were made out of pressure cookers with explosives packed inside and metal ball bearings. now a pressure cooker as you know, a cooking vessel that is very strong, you can lock the lid on, that helps contain the initial force of the explosion, and let's it build up in power until finally the walls of the vessel burst. these were not particularly well-built or well designed, and this is interesting, the style of bomb we're told, was first seen in afghanistan, and frequently used there, that is not to say that authorities have come to any kinds of conclusion abouts who built these bombs or where they came from. there is also the kind of work underway right now, we wanted to tell you about the fbi is honing in on the cell few towers in the vicinity of the finish line. the cell towers could have carried some kind of a signal from a cellphone that would have triggered these explosions. if they can establish that as fact that will help them a great deal toward figuring out who left those bombs there. in th
since drew griffin reported hearing about two dozen gun shots in the watertown area. gun shots that clearly sparked this activity. enormous amount of black vehicles heading towards watertown and moving around watertown, followed up with ambulances at the same time. and we just want to caution everyone, this information is just coming in. it certainly does look like a pivotal moment in this manhunt for this 19-year-old suspect. >> it does. and another development. you all may have seen throughout the day as we were all standing here bringing you various family members of the tsarnaev family were speaking. the family has been very talkative. the father who is in southern russia, we can report now according to the russian state news agency is getting ready to come to the united states. he says to look for justice. his interview was one of the ones that stood out to me the most today, wolf, as he said he thought that his sons had been perhaps framed. >> all right. >> deb, you're here. you're working your sources. tell our view whaerz you're learning right now. >> i want to be very
? >> hello? >> hi, nermeen, this is drew griffin with cnn. >> it is a story being told very differently than the tale told in the united states. >> he basically, and according to the courts, feels you've kidnapped these children and kidnapped them for 12 years. >> i'd like to give you my point of view. >> okay. >> when we come back, the woman wanted for kidnapping insists she is the real victim. can your longwear makeup last 'til five o'clock? it will if it's new outlast stay fabulous foundation. it's a primer, concealer and foundation in one for all day flawless skin. new outlast stay fabulous from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. >>> the khalifa family lives here in cairo's upscale neighborhood flt it's where claf's father runs his businesses. the family lives in this apartment building owned by the father. nermeen has kept her sons and her silence here for years. only once agreeing to an interview with an arab outfit. she's refused all requests from the west until now. though she refused to meet on camera and refused off camera, she did agree, at least, to talk, at least by phone. her s
algorithms, we are a lot better off today than we were two years ago. certainly. >> drew griffin, you have a pressure cooker of the type we believe may have been used. obviously popular devices. what significance is it that pressure kirchner was used, the thing? >> i'll hold this up. if we don't know what type of pressure cooker was involved but i want to show people the size and with these look like in case they are not familiar and how easy and simple this is. you put it in any old backpack and walk around with it and you would never know someone is carrying a pressure cooker inside of a backpack. if i was holding this. the significance is from what i am told from bomb experts, maybe bob knows this, it is much more complicated to pull off the pressure cooker bomb then it is to pull off a standard bond, which we have seen many times. they are mostly used in environments for the environment, whether it be the sand in the desert or the jungle, it would interfere with the explosive. that has been traditionally their use. that being said, these things are easy to find, easy to make. i don't h
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this man. we are now looking at i i want to bring in drew griffin now. we have been waiting for the fbi press conference and i believe you have some more detail on what's going to happen. >> well, yeah, 1:00, 5:00, then a delay of a couple of hours and then another delay, then a tweet that said 8:00 and now i'm just reading a tweet from boston police department, the fbi has cancelled the 8:00 p.m. briefing tonight, there will be no briefing. so they may be making significant progress but they're not going to share that officially with us, leading us to rely on our sources, some speculation and just wondering what this actually means in terms of this investigation. but that's about all i can tell you. there are a lot of journalists as you can see behind me have been waiting all day for this to try to get some kind of official statement on any of all the information that's been disseminated through sources, but we're not going to get that tonight now erinknow, i'll have to leave it up to your guests to speculate on what exactly that means. >> that is a question mark, i know, drew, some ha
it will be received. >> it's shot in griffin, georgia, a tight-knit group of actors, and we're doing this beautiful work and we can share it with the world and they're responding. it's very unique. >> it's shot differently. it allows real pauses to happen like they do in real life. it's done so well. >> our first season is basically the first week of his release. >> so this is an ongoing thing. soou stopped doing films tentatively. it had to be darn good and go, i'm going to do tv now. >> just the writing and the storytelling. when you find a really great piece of writing that fits in film or television, you just have to do it. >> we need to talk about your history. i don't know if everyone knows the connect between you two. what is it exactly? >> you never get it right, but go ahead. >> you're kind of my fairy godmother. >> i was absolutely madly in love, everybody knew it, with abigail's dad when i was 15 years old, he was my surfer, there he is, one of the greatest human beings i have ever ever known, and then he married a beautiful lady named lydia. they had children, beautiful kids. 17 years l
know our viewers are looking at them now. tell them what it was like in terms of gunshots. drew griffin reported live on air when he heard gunshots coming through a little bit before 7:00. you said that it sounded different than gunshots you heard in the shootout the night before. automatic rifle. >> it was automatic. the night before it was more pop, pop, pop, pop, more displaced. this one was they were louder and more direct and they were very fast. >> when you came outside when that shelter in place ordinance was lifted around 6:00 p.m. eastern time. you came out and were talking to neighbors and you have to cover your head and run back to your house. why? >> we weren't sure where the shots were coming from. we heard the shots coming from this direction. so we knew the direction but we didn't know where and how close. it sounded like it was on the next street. >> just to give the viewers idea of how close. you're five houses away from 67 franklin street where suspect number 2 was in the boat in their backyard and your backyard butts up. >> it's five backyards back. >> one last thing
they maintainedded that idea. david: griffin wrote in to say, personally i will never never own another apple product again. take that. lori: tough crowd. number two thing will be philadelphia fed survey released at 10:00 a.m. eastern. economists expect a reading of three up from reading of two. any number above break even indicates modest economic growth. david: numb per one thing to watch will be initial jobless
nuclear program. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. how significant is secretary kerry's offer for these one-on-one talks with north korea? >> reporter: it is certainly a change in tone since you saw the pentagon sending b-2 bombers and b-52 bombers to korea as part of the exercises. it is a change in tone. if you listen to the caveats north korea will give up the nuclear program and die chruk nearize. -- denuclearize. what is interesting on saturday he was in china. he did not get the public, he did not get the public statement that he was looking for from china to tell north korea to back down from this missile test but it is not clear that china did not send a private message to the north korean leader there has been no missile test on the first day of the celebrations. here is secretary kerry in tokyo. >> we are committed to take action together, we, japan, the united states and the other countries that are i have met with in the last two days, are committed to make that goal of denuclearization a reality. >> reporter: so secretary kerry using a l
bomb blast. drew griffin and john king are with me here tonight each working their sources, as they have been over the last 24 hours. >> what are you hearing the latest on this? >> just got information from a boston law enforcement source who says in addition to the pressure cooker, they say it's undeniable, they have a twisted top of a pressure cooker, about 6 liter capacity. they believe it's two identical devices or two similar devices, but i'm also told a partial circuit board recovered in the same area that also has been sent to quantico. and now this all goes off, we go through this after airplane crashes, they try to take every piece they can get, assemble it back together, try to recreate the bomb. they're hoping to find fingerprints, any kind of dna, something from the backpack. and if you can't get personal identification items like that, look for serial numbers, brand names, at least try to figure out where was the pressure cooker, where might the bag have been bought. >> are you getting a sense from your sources about where this investigation? they are still app
quite a day, as my colleagues, john king and susan candiotti, drew griffin know. start with drew at the hotel ballroom, just upstairs from us where the fbi has again delayed a press briefing. drew, all day no press briefing. was supposed to be this afternoon at 5:00, kept getting pushed back and then they said 8:00. and now we're being told likely not going to happen tonight. do we know why? >> reporter: we know absolutely nothing. we've been waiting all day for this, as you said. and just a few minutes ago, steve mcdonald with the boston fire department came out and announced that there will be no press conference here. that they're vacating this hotel, and he had no idea when the next news conference will be. he was just the messenger. he had no explanation as to what was going on or why or why there wasn't going to be any kind of news conference at all. so we're just kind of left with speculating on what that means. are they so close they don't need the public's help? are they too far away they don't have the information they want the to give to the public? anderson, we just d
of the family guy. >> i'm bob costas here with boston marathon winner peter griffin. peter, how did you do it? [pressing buttons] >> damn phone is busted. maybe i dialed wrong. [cell phone buttons] >> that didn't happen in television. that was doctored by some online pinheads. they distorted that clip from the family guy and which is now pulling everything off the net. here to explain further juliet huddy. >> i mean, you know the way people are that was so just -- it's so ironic that that aired march 17th. two separate story lines in one show. >> how can they do it. >> because there are sick people out there. >> bill: no, no, no. you have this on saint patrick's day this family episode runs. family guy bobcats as it. that's erie enough. then they go in these internet geeks and they twisted it around. that's not what people saw on tv. >> no, no, no. they took two separate story lines in the same show, they spliced it together. >> bill: they spliced it together. >> and it does look very convincing. is he wearing -- he is wearing muslim garb. >> bill: how can you do that? >> like technically how
in drew griffin. he's also in boston working his sources. what is your sense from law enforcement about these suspects? is the assumption that if two people had enough of a plan to coordinate these attacks that they likely had a plan to escape? >> reporter: that's the likelihood based on past experience. this rules out the kind of lone wolf crazy person scenario. if two people are together practicing, potentially, buying these products together, assembling together, they're also planning their escape or departure from the scene. that is kind of standard thinking. so you have to think now one, two, three, four days after, that that plan was initiated. they may be huddled down in a basement watching all this attention on tv. that may have been their plan. but they also may have had just as calculated a plan to leave or flee the scene as they did setting up what seems to be a calm and cool and collected bombing of the boston marathon. anderson? >> drew, obviously law enforcement is now poring over and has been poring over other photos from subway stations from bus stops, any other closed c
at the first bomb blast. griffin and john king are with me tonight. they've been working their sources well into the day and into the night. also fran townsend is doing the same for us in washington. john, the photos the fox affiliate in atlanta first showed that we're showing now, what do you make of them? >> sources confirm they are legitimate and taken from the scene. what they tell you, anderson, the very impressive job in the 30 hours or so since the bombing is telling what the bomb was made of, how it was constructed and how it got there in the timing. 6-litre pressure cooker. they believe there are two of those devices. they've recovered some of the fragments. those are now at the quantilab. the question of who, that's why you have the public appeal from the fbi. all these parts, including debris from the pressure cooker, some pieces of the fabric of the backpack. could there be a fingerprint, some dna evidence that links it to an individual? and if that doesn't, could you get something from the serial number, something from the brand name, something that you could trace it back from
years here. and just the shear panic in people's faces. i currently have a friend, cory griffin's condo, and we've taken in people from abroad, people from london are here. you know, just giving them a place to charge their phones and make calls. we have people from california and chicago. and it's just -- it's very chaotic, and, frankly, very scary. >> and, mike, also, it's hard to overestimate the kind of number of people per runner who are in town. you know, if you've been training in oklahoma city, if that's where you live, to come run the boston marathon, your support group is probably with you on the trip. and you've saved up for airfare and a hotel room or two. and this is such a big day. all those people from all different countries are crowded into the boston metropolitan area today. >> yeah. i mean, i know people that are from all over the place that are here today. you know, a lot of people are asking where to go. you know, going back to your hotel is -- is -- it doesn't seem to be the safest place. but that's where they're telling everyone to go, go back home, go back to you
. drew griffin is standing by with new reporting for us on what's going won this news conference. we were expecting it at the top of the hour from the fbi agent in charge. drew, what are you picking up? >> just a little more confusion but we're told it is going to be postponed. that is the official announcement. jason pack with the fbi just walked into this very crowded room where we all are expecting the news conference to begin at 5:00 and told us that we are trying to make it happen now wolf but we're not promising anything. this is a quotement we're taking a little more time to prepare and then he abruptly left the room. that is a little different than what we heard earlier which was that the bomb scare at the courthouse kind of delayed this so we've been getting this postponed all afternoon and now we understand that they are attempting to do this news conference tonight but we're not being promised one at this point. wolf? >> so, basically, they're not saying when it will happen. they think they'll try to make it happen. it could happen in 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or later tonight. i
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